Journey Begins – welcome to Higher together

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

I wanted to share with you series of stories about my journey towards getting better in climbing, growing to the next level and learning to deal with my fear of falling and fear of height.

I honestly can admit that I’m one of the biggest chickens in climbing :-D. I often won’ t manage to finish a route not because of lacking strength or skills (in some point yes) but mostly because of over gripping the holds (and therefore my hands won’t hold on them anymore), afraid to make next move (if that is a bit more courageous than I feel comfortable with) or I am afraid I will have a bigger fall down in case of not being able to hold. Although sometimes it is hard to admit that and I would like to blame lack of strength, I realize that there is a fair share to my fear for not pushing harder.

I have been climbing for few years now and I am around level 6a. My goal is to work on my climbing skills, strength as well as mindset in order to grow to the next levels. My ultimate dream would be reaching a 7a (I hope in a coming year).

I love climbing and how it has showed me that I can do more than I think I can. And I would like to continue growing, because with every new level I get stronger, I learn new moves and can accomplish new heights.

I hope the stories here will inspire you to join me and do this journey together. Please join in conversations by sharing also your experience and thoughts. By exchanging best practices from each other, it becomes easier to progress, as well as journey becomes more fun.

Let’s start!