Celebrate your successes – smaller and bigger ones

I have just arrived home after my weekly climbing practice. I am jumping out of my pants from how happy I am about the evening and especially the last route I did. It was a nice tiny grip 6b I managed to do in one go!!!! How great is that, knowing that for another really nice 6a+ 5 min before I needed 2 breaks to finish the route :-). Not to mentioned that I have tried this particular 6b route several times before, always with few breaks to reach the top.

Celebrate your successes! Doesn’t matter how big or small they are. It can be a learned new move of your body, which enabled you to get up on the route more easy and elegant, it can be a flow you found in this route which makes you dance vertically up the wall or a completely new, next level route finishing in one go. Doesn’t matter! Be happy for every achievement you make and feel proud. It is even more powerful for yourself than others noticing your achievements. We are the biggest critics of ourselves, feeling proud of our results is empowering.

I need to mention, that besides this 6b route I also did some 6a’s (some with breaks and some without) and I realized how focused I became and paid attention on holds, and body position to reach out and really enjoyed this collaboration between me and the route. It doesn’t happen always, therefore I appreciate every such moment where I am in zen with me, my body and the route.

Tomorrow will be another day, and next week another climbing practice. You never know what it will bring, how you will feel and perform. Therefore celebrate every time, find what made you happy about yourself and say thanks :-)! Life is the little moments what makes us happy.

On my way out of the gym I got myself a little climbing hold key ring. It serves me as souvenir for this great day and a reminder to celebrate! It will help me to remember that every day and practice there is something to be proud of, and be happy about.

What has been your achievement lately you have been proud of yourself? Remember that and celebrate!

I hope it gave a little inspiration and a smile for your next work out, training or working day! 🙂

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