Females who inspire me

Today inspired me to write a post about women who has and keep inspire me every day. Although it shouldn’t be just this one day a year to think about it and appreciate the incredible women around me every day.

My family and friends

First I would like to start with my family women – my grandma and oma, my mom and sister. You ladies are amazing in what you do, how you handle everyday, the strength it takes to deal with all sorts of challenges life is presenting and keep going despite that. I love you very much!

Mom, you inspire me with all things you are managing, work, home, farm together with my brother. It requires lots of energy.

Sis, you are my best friend and the best sister I could ever ask for. I admire your energy to take care of home, family and find time for your passion for make up and self care and how you can turn each women in her best self with a bit of make up.

Both my grandmas you are inspiring with your life experiences. I love talking with you and learn from you.

To all my female friends – you are amazing moms, bold entrepreneurs, kick ass climbers. You are smart, beautiful and courageous. Each of you teach me something, help me grow and challenge my own boarders.

Zaķīt, we have had many long and deep conversations. I admire your enthusiasm and energy for starting and trying different things, from which some turned into your business. There was time when I could not get inspired about anything and your experiences helped me to open up my creativity.

My climbing friends, I admire your commitment to push hard and not give up, courage to step out of the comfort zone (and push me, which I don’t always appreciate right a way, but I feel proud at the end when I managed 🙂 ) cheer leading on the side for accomplishments and have talks when mind and fear is against me. Thank you ladies!

Other amazing females who has inspired me

YouTuber Amy Landino and her channel AmyTV. Amy, you inspired me to finally start my blog. I was thinking and dreaming about it for months and could not get myself starting. I read your book “Vlog like a boss” where you said not to wait until better computer or camera is available, just start with what you have. So I did 🙂 and I am proud that I started. Besides that, I love your videos on YouTube – it always feels like you are talking to me, combining sweet and tough love to once in a while also kick my butt.

YouTuber Erin May Henry and her channel GCCO. Erin, you inspire with your weekly videos about being unapologetic myself. That’s work in progress – with some days feeling more of boss babe and some less, but what’s important is progress. I love your energy and drive for the things which are important in your life. Not playing small and encouraging your viewers to do the same.

Climber Jain Kim and her climb during one of the competitions (check this video here). You showed such a peace and control during your climb. I got inspired to try the same feeling during my climbing. Also I really liked the way you used the wall to reach for far away holds and I started to apply it also during my climbing practice. Now it is one of my favorite techniques after leg crossing.

Writer Jen Sincero and your amazing book “You Are A Badass”. One of the most inspiring books for me ever. I have listened audible version at least 1000 times and got myself also a paper version to look back on advises and exercises you gave. I love how you talk about rising the vibration, work on being grateful, appreciate what you have and envision what you want and in between do all you can to get where you want. This is my top book when I feel down and need to find the perspective in situation. Thank you for taking time to write it.

I don’ t think I managed to name all the ladies who has inspired me, but I would like to thank you all! Keep pushing, keep being your best selves, go after your dreams and know we have each other!

And thank you for all the amazing men we have in our lives! They also help us to learn, grow and develop! 🙂

Who has inspired you to be who you are? Leave in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!