Why is it good to be different?

Last night I was watching IFSC Boulder World Cup Meiringen 2021 Men’s and Women’s finals. I was really looking forward to see women’s session and who will be participating this year. I must admit I enjoyed it more than watching men’s session. Maybe also because I’m a woman and seeing similar built persons bouldering makes it more inspiring for me as I can relate to their struggles and challenges better than with men.

Natalia Grossman during the IFCN Boulder World Cup Meiringen 2021 Men’s and Women’s finals, picture taken during the Live on the IFCN YouTube channel.

It was a very inspiring and intriguing session. Each boulder was different and let each woman to show her skills. With each boulder someone else managed to get till the top. Therefore it was hard to predict who will manage next challenge. All of the women were changing per boulders – each time someone else managed and that made this competition so inspiring and exciting. Except for Janja Garnbret, who was incredible with each boulder and only one who managed to top all 4 final problems.

Watching these women to figure out, get creative, be determined and super focused. Falling and getting up again and again. I was feeling for each of them and also crossing fingers for every participant. I wanted that each female climber could get as high as possible.

I enjoyed how they were climbing, their style and approach made me think about my own climbing and where I could improve. Each athlete was so different, their style, technique, experience and the way of reading and approaching the boulder problems. Watching this competition made me want to get back to climbing wall as soon as possible. I got inspired to grow back to the level where I was before this last lockdown started.

I wish each women could watch this competition and get as inspired as me to go out there and do their best in climbing. Doesn’t matter on which style, grade or route, as far as they enjoy it, they keep growing and developing and they are not holding themselves back.

We tend to compare ourselves (some more than others) with fellow climbers, especially female climbers do and we forget that if we all would be the same, with the same skills, abilities, strength and weaknesses, we would not be able to grow. We would not know that different is possible because we would be the same.

Differences inspire and show us where can we grow, what can we try, where we can learn. They show us what’s out there to experience.

Do you ever realize that there is another women or man out there feeling inspired to see you climbing or bouldering, learning from you, observing because you can show something what they cannot do yet? The same for you when you see someone mastering what you are yet to learn. It is all part of a bigger process. We all have our own unique journeys to follow. And that’s why it is so amazing to see fellow climbers in action as each will deal with the climbing route or boulder problem in a different way.

If you missed the competition, you can watch it below.

Video from IFSC YouTube channel.

I hope this inspires you for the next climbing session. Remember your own journey and let yourself to be inspired from others!

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