Feel like quitting – how to keep climbing when you don’t feel like it?

Lately I have noticed that during harder climbing routes when I need to battle my way through them, I catch myself with a thought "I am done and want to quit this route". And I feel that this thought comes up more when I am physically and mentally tired and it has been a slow, [...]

Pushing my comfort zone

When I started this blog I wanted to share my climbing experience and also motivate myself to push my comfort zone and grow. To be honest, I didn't do that much since then. Pushing comfort zone is scary and uncomfortable. And you need some courage and motivation to do that. I also realized that since [...]

My headstand journey

At the end of the hike in South of France. My most courageous headstand. On top of a small hill, with uneven ground and rocks under. I was super focused not to fall :-). Photo by Remi. In August I went on holidays to South of France where, besides visiting different places and enjoying nice [...]

Females who inspire me

Today inspired me to write a post about women who has and keep inspire me every day. Although it shouldn't be just this one day a year to think about it and appreciate the incredible women around me every day. My family and friends First I would like to start with my family women - [...]

My climbing learnings

Me climbing 5c (white route). Photo: Carolina Ferranti. I have been climbing couple of years now. And there are few things I have learned, which I try to apply during my climbing practices. Some of these learnings come from my friends, some from observing fellow climbers. I hope you find them useful and inspiring for [...]

Revealing climbing grades

Lucia climbing 5c (red route).Photo: Carolina Ferranti With one of the first blogs friend of mine asked what does different numbers I'm mentioning in my climbing stories mean. I did briefly explain that those are climbing grades which help to determinate the difficulty level of each route. Later we discussed about this in our climbing [...]