My book shelf

I am a big fun of books and book stores :D. I can spend hours walking around checking what’s new. And I always enjoy getting myself a new book.

I started this year with a goal to focus more on reading (since my book collection was growing but not the finished reads). My goal is to finish 12 books by end of this year. One of the great helps to reach this goal is Audible app. I subscribed to it few months ago and I love it. For me it is an easy way to read books by listening to audio versions during my commute to work. It has a monthly subscription with first month a free trial. All books I purchase are saved on my phone and I can always go back and listen them again or pick up some specific chapters.

As I go with my reading list, I will share some of my favorite books here, both in paper and audible versions, and I hope that inspires you for your next read. Hereby my first suggestion.

Jen Sincero “You are a badass”

In order to kick ass, you must first lift up your foot. Jen Sincero

This is one of my favorite and the most inspiring books I have read lately. It is about how to stop finding excuses and go after the life you want to live. I started first by listening an audio version of this book on Audible app. It was narrated by the author herself. I have listened to this book about hundred times and every time I learn something new. It is my go to book when I feel down and need some inspiration. After I finished this book on Audible I decided to have also a paper copy. In this way I can underline what is important to me and where to pay more attention to.

The author has an awesome way of writing, a lot of humor but also inspiration. She can explain in a simple way topics which are not always easy to understand. She is understanding but also kicks your butt when needed. Jen helped me to look at myself and things around me from a different angle and take first steps to improve myself.

If you are looking for a self development book or book for the inspiration, this is definitely worth of reading. If you have an opportunity you have to download Audible version and listen this book read by the author herself. It will make you smile as soon as you start listening.

Few things I took from this book:

  1. Be more grateful in life for what I have and what I manifest (I have seen this working for me and I try to implement it as much as I can).
  2. What we focus on we attract more of. Try to switch to the positive side of each experience (still working on this one 🙂 ).
  3. Stay open and positive that good things are coming. Meanwhile try to do what you can to get closer to what you want (picking my blog up again 🙂 ).

Let me know if you have read already “You are a badass” by Jen Sincero and what do you think about it?